Special Delivery - Part 2

Part 2

And since this is the first appearance of the (fully developed) new baby, I'm designating today as his official birthday. As for the name, check back Thursday. (Gotta save something for the big milestone!)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The new parents pull out the beeping incubator] (PW) "So how do we do this?" [BEEEP BEEEP BEE--] (CW, turning off the unit) "I dunno. There's gonna have to be a hospital visit, my body needs to look like it passed a kid…" (PW, turning to take out his phone) "I'd better text Agent Scott!" (CW, taking out the baby from the incubator) "Text my mom too. Say I've gone into labor and I can't make it to the hospital! And get some formula ready… The baby's gonna be hungry! (picking up the newest Webber, now wrapped in a blanket) It's okay, it's okay, mommy's here!" (Baby) "WAAAAAH!" [DING DONG] (PW) "That must be our Special Agent!" [PW opens the front door – and it's more than just Agent Scott! He has with him Carmen AND a "real doctor"] (KS) "Doctor Keith to the rescue!" (CS) "And we brought a friend along. Direct from Hollywood, a makeup artist-slash-cosmetic surgeon!"

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