The Skills To Predict The Bills

The Skills To Predict The Bills

Not the first time that she's done this, by the way...

See y'all next year!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Casa del Gahan/Gibson, exterior; Matt just got the tax bill, and he's in sticker shock] (MG, voiceover) "Crap… Have you seen the taxes on our house?" (BG, voiceover) "Why so surprised? You forget the actual value of this place?" (MG, looking at the bill with BG, while CW looks on over his shoulder) "Oh yeah… I'm still thinking of the price we paid from the foreclosure auction." (BG) "Hey, we can swing it. You're the 'Compumedic' manager at 'Circuitland' now. You don't need any time-travel help! And let's not forget I just got a nice raise at TerCon!" (MG) "I know… Still, I'm gonna make a resolution for 2014 to get all our credit card debt paid off" [WHOOSH! FZZZT] (CW, returning from Da Fyucha!) "Actually, you'll get half of it paid off!" (MG) "Dammit, Cassie, Quit doing that!" (BG, eyes rolling) "Well, at least somebody here is being realistic!"

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