The Dark Eyes Returns

The Dark Eyes Returns

It was all a dream... OR WAS IT?

Enjoy your belated Christmas present, Hogan! :D

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [CW is seated, holding her OU coffee mug as PW pulls up with a mug of his own] (CW) "I had the strangest dream last night… I was visited by some kind of winged creature at a baby shower!" (PW) "Whoa… Did he attack you?" (CW, recalling a baby shower – from an alternate universe? Or is that just Magical Misfits?) "Actually, it was a she… And no, she was actually quite friendly. She stepped forward and said… (Dark Eyes, from Magical Misfits – with a few others who attended HER baby shower) "I thought I would return the favor of you attending my baby shower… and give you this. It's a powerful healing crystal in a pendant of genuine mithril!" (PW, sitting down) "So… Evidently you went to a party for a mystical she-beast, with a bunch of other magical… misfits or something." (CW) "Yeah, it was very… surreal." (PW, holding up a teddy bear with wings and fangs… is that Pooka from Public Humiliation?) "Oh by the way… I found this teddy bear sitting on the front porch this morning. You know who it was from?" (CW) "No clue… Looks pretty cool, though."

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