Bagatelle Wizard

Bagatelle Wizard

This makes me kinda want to seek out an old-fashioned bagatelle game, pinball enthusiast that I am.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1840; MG, CW and PW are at a pub, playing a very strange-looking game] (MG) "What is this? Some weird mutation of a pinball game?" (CW, holding a small pool cue) "This is a Bagatelle game, silly. It's actually a predecessor of pinball." (MG, turning with that mischievous look in his eye) "Hmmm…" (PW) "I'm starting to get worried whenever I hear that from him." (CW, with narrowed eyes) "Welcome to the club. [Cut to scene of MG putting a small lantern in the middle of the Bagatelle table] What the hell are you doing with that lantern?" (MG) "Creating the world's very first Special When Lit!" [PW's eyes rolled back at that comment.]

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