One In The Oven - Part 7

Part 7

Yeah, try not to mix up the time machines. That could really screw things up.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [CW's bedroom; the FCW is getting dressed] (CW) "So… this is me, REALLY pregnant? (FCW) "Yep… We go for the whole experience in the future. [pointing to a shirt hanging over the back of a chair] That's the shirt I was wearing, right? [putting the shirt on, as CW divests herself of her pants] And you can thank Nicki for overhearing this ordeal and fetching me from my time." (PW) "Uh… Dare I ask exactly when?" (FCW) "I… think it's best if that remains a secret for now. [handing CW her time machine – of which FCW has hanging from her own neck] Speaking of secrets… You're gonna have to get the hell outta here. No need for someone to see two of us." (CW) "Okay… I guess I'll warp ahead a few hours. See you in a little bit, Philip!" (PW, waving) Bye for now!" [CW leaves off-screen as the other two turn to head back to the dinner party] (PW) "This is definitely shaping up to be my weirdest Thanksgiving ever!" (FCW, patting him on the back) "Well, my dear. We'd better get back in there. I'm sure our guests are getting worried!" (PW, suddenly thinking out loud) "Um… If you're really pregnant, wouldn't you have bigger…" (FCW) "HelLOOO, why do you think I'm wearing a sports bra?"

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