One In The Oven - Part 6

Part 6

Future Cassie to the rescue!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [CW's bedroom; she's undressing to assess the damage] (PW) "Cassie? It's me, Philip!" (CW) "You can come in!" (PW, coming in and closing the door quickly) "So… What do we do now?" (CW, with hand under the tear in her fake bump) "I have no clue. This thing's not gonna stick back on, and I really don't feel like hunting down a Hollywood makeup artist to reattach it." (PW) "And we can't just shove a pillow in your shirt…" (CW, taking the "bump" off with a THUMP) "I don't want to send everyone home. That's just gonna look bad and I'll definitely feel bad." [FZZZT] (offscreen voice) "Everybody chill the fuck out…[in comes a REAL, pregnant CW – from DA FYUCHA!] …I got this."

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