Previous Day Service

Previous Day Service

TLT Trivia: This strip marks the first appearance of Cassie's mother (who I've based on a real-life cousin of mine with the last name Wells). You can also see Cassie's father (NOT based on the real-life husband of the aforementioned cousin) and little brother in the family portrait.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Mrs. Carla Wells, Cassie's mom, over the phone) "Hello?" (CW, on the phone) "Hey mom!" (Mom) "Hi dear! How is everything there in Dallas?" (CW, now heard over the phone as we see her mom) "Just great. How's Patrick?" (Mom) "I guess he's doing fine. I haven't heard from him since he went back to Houston last Sunday... [Photo of the Wells clan in the background: Bobby, Carla, Cassie & Patrick] ...Anyway, did you ever send out those tax forms to me? I really needed those today..." (CW, to herself) SHIT! I forgot to mail those!!! "Um, hold on one second, okay?" (Mom) "Okay..." [ZOOM Flash! FZZT] (CW) "So... you were saying about my tax forms?" (Mom) "Just got 'em this morning, dear, thanks!"

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