One In The Oven - Part 3

Part 3

Defining Philip's family some more: Sonya's a single mom, and her daughter Karen's 7 months old. Jed and Hunter are at his in-laws for Thanksgiving, if you're wondering where they are.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The guests arrive – and it's Philip's parents and sister!] (PW) "Hey mom, dad, Sonya, Karen!" (Ed Weber) "Hi, son!" (Sonya, PW's sister, in case you forgot – with her baby daughter in her carrier) "Hi, Cassie! You look so lovely!" (Mom Weber) "Have you decided on a name yet?" (CW) "We… weren't planning on naming him until closer to the expected… birth date." [DING DONG] "That must be the Wellses!" (CW, to Dad and Mom) "Mom! Dad!" (Dad, next to Mom, who has her green bean casserole in hand) "Hi, Cass! Patrick and Geri should be here shortly!" (PW) "You look great, Mrs. Wells!" (Mom, as ND takes the casserole off to the kitchen) "Thank you, dear! Ohh, let me look at Cassie and our new grandchild!" (CW, thinking to herself) "If only you knew exactly where your new grandchild was…" [THUMP] (Mom, with hand over the "fake" bump) "Oh my, that's a strong kicker! Have you gotten a sonogram?" (CW) "Um… not lately!" (Mom, confused) "But shouldn't you have gotten one at least a month ago?" (CW, realizing she has to change the subject) "We've… been busy… [turning quickly] Uh hey! I'd better check on that turkey!"

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