One In The Oven - Part 2

Part 2

I hope I'm at least fairly close in depicting a woman who's 6-7 months pregnant.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, who just remembered the "bun in the oven") "FUCK!!! How did I forget about looking pregnant?" (PW) "And they'll wanna touch it and feel for a kick and all that… Is there some kind of fancy electronic fake belly out there? Like from the future?" (CW, taking out the time machine) "Probably… Let me check… [FZZZT; returns with a baby bump] Okay, I hope this works! It's molded on, and there's a little kick motor inside!" (PW) "Wow, when's this from?" (CW) "2058… When the incubators first took off and women didn't want others to know they put their fetus into one." (PW, rolling his eyes a bit) "Sounds familiar…"

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