One In The Oven - Part 1

Part 1

New storyline... and this is probably the first time we've seen Cassie do a Thanksgiving dinner in her own home.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Thanksgiving dinner time, and CW is worried] (CW, fretting in the kitchen) "Did I get everything? Ugh, this is so gonna kill me!" (PW) "Relax, dear… Our families met already at the wedding, so a Thanksgiving dinner shouldn't be any big deal!" (CW) "I know… I'm just so nervous!" (PW) "Well, don't be. You've got your time machine handy, right? So nothing's gonna burn!" (ND, with a bown and spatula in hand) "And I can download and prepare any recipe off the internet!" (CW, turning and going over the things she has) "Okay… we have turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce… My family's bringing green bean casserole…" (PW, remembering something) "Um, you're forgetting one major thing…" (CW) "And that is…?" (PW) "That you're… supposed to look like you're seven months pregnant by now."

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