Beth & Matt's Excellent Adventure - Part 11

Part 11

I'm pretty sure the cheap-labor market will have reached Africa within the next half-century.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [495; BG and MG are listening to Agent Turner about this "amulet"] (TT) "Obviously this is no ordinary amulet… This comes from 2067, made for a popular fantasy series of the time. It's a kid's toy, really… But it's very durable and it can be recharged with solar power. [Just like the time machine, btw.] It's voice-activated, has hundreds of holographic animations… [A 3-D "golden bird" appears from the amulet] …And in 'build mode', if he can figure out how to work it, he can make some 'spells' on his own!" (BG) "Way cool!" (MG) "Hopefully he can figure it out!" [Back at Myrtlinicus's abode] (Merlin) "Thou returneth here? Hast thou forgotten something?" (BG) "Well, we only forgot that we wanted to give you something as a token of our gratitude!" (Merlin, inspecting the amulet) "My word. 'Tis a most exquisite adornment!" (BG) "It came from the faraway land of… Mozambique!" (MG) "And the magical village of… Hasborough!"

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