Beth & Matt's Excellent Adventure - Part 10

Part 10

You should know by now that it wouldn't be just any old amulet, Matt.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [495; BG and MG meet KS's British counterpart] (Trevor Turner) "I'm not actually dwarf-sized like Mister Scott, but I am just as good at disguising myself. [showing his badge] Special Agent Trevor Turner. Abnormal Investigations Bureau of M-I-Six. We have it on good word that the fellow you just met was indeed the inspiration for the fabled Merlin." (MG) "Really? Wow!" (TT) "So I believe it's very important that we leave that man alone." (BG) "But… he looked so down and out! He might very well die before long!" (TT) "It's still too risky… If the legend changes, Lord bloody well knows what could happen down the line!" (MG) "What if we just… enhance his legend? Give him some fancy gadgets to work with, and take them back after he dies?" (BG) "And since it's the Dark Ages, no one's gonna keep a good historical record of it anyway!" (TT, turning) "Let me talk it over with my superiors… Back in a bit! [FZZZT] Right. We've decided that you can give this to the old man!" (MG, looking at the item in TT's hand) "Huh? Just an amulet?"

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