Ich Bin Ein Bangin'-er

Ich Bin Ein Bangin'-er

TLT Trivia: For the record, yes, this is Cassie's first nude scene.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [NSFW] (BG) "You %Ω©Xed HIM??? Omigod... I hope you used protection..." (CW) "Well, of course... But that wasn't what I was most concerned about." (BG) "Really? What happened?" (CW) "Ugh. This is so embarrassing... but in a fit of passion, I just yelled out... [1775; CW au naturel!] ROCK ME AMADEUS!!!" (BG) "...And how did Mr. Mozart take that?" (CW) "Fortunately, he just thought it was English dirty talk."

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