Beth & Matt's Excellent Adventure - Part 9

Part 9

Keith's not the only game in town now.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [495; BG and MG have just woken up after spending the night in the home of an old man] (Myrtlinicus) "I trust thou hast slumbered well?" (MG, as BG yawns) "Verily we did! Thanks again!" (Myrtlinicus) "Unfortunately I hath no food to offer thee. I live a poor man's life… All I have are these strange waters that I experiment with." (BG) "Whoa, where'd you get those?" (Myrtlinicus) "My father's father was an alchemist when the Romans were in power. I hath kept them safe through the years." (MG, as they depart his shelter) "Well, we shall not utter a word of them. I'm sure there'd be disaster if they fell into the wrong hands!" (Myrtlinicus) "Thou art most kind. I bid thee farewell!" (MG, to BG as they walk away) "Wow, what a peculiar fellow!" (BG) "Yeah, and he lives such a sad, poor and lonely life. I wish we could do something for him!" (Tree stump, which has a British accent?) "Righto, I wouldn't be too hasty 'bout that, Matt and Bethany!" (MG) "Agent Scott? Why do you have a British accent all of a sudden?" [Perhaps it's because he ISN'T Agent Scott…] (British Agent, emerging from the tree stump) "Well, I'm not Agent Scott, but he has informed us about the lot of you!" (BG, amused) "I take it Her Majesty's Secret Service hires little agents as well?"

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