Beth & Matt's Excellent Adventure - Part 8

Part 8

I know that even the "King's English" wasn't well-formed by the turn of the 6th Century... so this is where suspension of disbelief comes into play.

Comic transcript

[495; A stranger approacheth as BG is mortified!] (MG, trying to act casual as BG "covers up") "Um… Hi! We're not… trespassing, are we?" (Myrtlinicus) "Nay, I hath journeyed here to gather my water." (MG, thinking fast) "I'm… Matthias. My companion here is…" (BG) "I'm Elizabeth." (Myrtlinicus) "I am called Myrtlinicus. Thou must be from afar with thy strange dialect." (BG, trying to come up with something plausible) "We are… weary travelers making our way over to Lon… Londinium." (Myrtlinicus) "Thou art welcome to stay the night in my shelter. Soon it will be dark and evildoers will be roaming the land." (BG) "Well, we are most grateful for your hospitality, sir!" (Myrtlinicus) "My pleasure. Tis only a short distance from here." (BG, who's not keen on this) "Um… what?" (MG) "Come on, Beth! Let's be adventurous! We can sleep in luxurious beds any old time, this'll be just like camping!" (MG, as they approach the entrance to Myrt's shelter) "Are you serious, Matt? We're gonna bed down in this guy's… [pause as they enter – and discover it's not as it would seem] …spacious, well-insulated, well-organized shelter???" (Myrtlinicus) "Methinks it was a Roman fortification at one time."

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