Beth & Matt's Excellent Adventure - Part 7

Part 7

Our adventurous lovers having a bit of a frolic in the Dark Ages. Almost.

A good place for a Monty Python reference, anyways.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [495; MG is in period garb] (MG) "Well, Bethany, where the hell are you and that surprise you promised?" (BG, offscreen) "Oh, Sir Matthiiias.. [BG is floating in a pond, in a sheer white robe, holding a sword up in the air…] I have the mighty sword Excalibur, which I shall toss to one worthy man, and he shalt rule the land!" (MG, ranting as he apparently turns from the pond) "Strange women lying on their backs in ponds handing out swords… That's no basis for a system of government!" (BG, wet – and so's her white robe) "But what if I just wanna fuck you?" (MG, pulling her close) "Well, that's a convincing argument right there!" (BG) "Ooh… Is that a dagger in your sheath or are you just thrilled to see me?" [Sudden appearance from off screen] (Old hermit) "A thousand pardons, doth I interrupt something?"

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