If Historical Figures Did Television Commercials #1

If Historical Figures Did Television Commercials #1

I'm debuting another little periodical vignette today (and this'll be the only one for now). Pam Reynolds, by the way, is a real person - someone I used to date - and at that time she was an employee of GEICO.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - "If Historical Figures Did Television Commercials" [The First Installment!] Pam Reynolds is a Real Gyco Customer. But she's not a celebrity. So we hired someone famous. (PR) "So my car got broadsided by some jerk who ran a red light..." (William Shakespeare, ACTOR/WRITER/DIRECTOR) "Fie on thee, O cruel thoroughfare of fate, for thou hast compromised mine own viability!" (PR) "I called Gyco right away, and they were able to send someone to the accident immediately." (WS) "Yea, though my carriage hath been devastated, my financier maketh haste to assist me in my time of peril!" (PR) "Thanks to Gyco, I was in a rental car and back on the road in less time than I thought possible!" (WS) "`Tis remarkable the expedited aid thou hast provideth to my person. For such a feat I am most grateful!" GYCO. Real Service, Real Savings. (PR) "So... did your girlfriend really look like Gwyneth Paltrow?" (WS) "Moreso like Uma Thurman, m'lady..."

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