The Time Traveler's Husband - Part 12

Part 12

Yep, we're wasting no time transitioning to family mode! (Don't worry, I still plan on keeping things edgy from time to time.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The Happy Couple are driving away in their limo, as BG, HA and Stone wave] (PW) "Wow, this limousine was a surprise… Who's driving my truck back home?" (CW) "Nicki. She does have a driver's license." (PW) "How did that happen?" (CW) "Special issue from the District of Columbia. [interior of the back of the limo] Guess who engineered that!" (PW) "Good ol' Scotty, right?" (CW) "Yep! Was that cool, when he showed up as an old man?" (PW) "Oh yeah, with your great-granddaughter! [cuddling with CW] Man, all these secrets I gotta keep track of is gonna make my head spin!" (CW, looking up with trepidation) "Well… Get ready for one more." (PW) "Um… what?" (CW) "I don't know how to tell you this, but… [smiling] …we're gonna get a new addition to the family soon." (PW) "You're PREGNANT???"

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