The Time Traveler's Husband - Part 11

Part 11

"What", indeed.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Julie is still not sure about this "bouquet" thing](Julie, to CW) "So… what do I do with this bouquet… Do I keep it?" (CW) "Did you want it?" (OKS, returning with martini in hand) "She might as well keep it… I never saw it in your house, you must have kept it in your attic!" (CW) "Well, skipping a bunch of decades would be a good way to preserve it!" (Julie, seeing PW enter from the right) "Thanks… Oh, hey, grandpa!" (PW) "Whoa… Let's not use that yet. I 'm just getting started with the 'Family Man' stuff!" (CW) "Speaking of preserving… Does all of this cement Julie's presence now?" (OKS) "Um… yes… Everything's already set in motion… [winking at CW] …All that's left is for somebody to come out of the closet!" (PW, who is as confused as Julie) "Wait, WHAT???" (CW) "Can we please not bring that up here?"

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