The Time Traveler's Husband - Part 10

Part 10

This could be indicative of many possible futures: a totalitarian society that forbids premarital sex, and the quickie marriage is a workaround; a more dystopian world where life expectancy is cut way short, thus the desire to start families earlier; or a very libertine world where "casual marriage" is just as prevalent as casual sex. I haven't decided either way, but at any rate, don't assume my previous future speculations have lasting effects.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The Reception; CW is having a little "family reunion" with her great-granddaughter – at her OWN wedding] (CW) "Did you… stray from the V.I.P. section?" (Julie) "Yes. I'm sorry, it's just that I've always wanted to see a classic wedding reception!" (OKS) "I did tell her she could come here if I tagged along!" (MHO, pointing out the reason why her "niece" was no longer in the shadows) "Well, you know what it means when you catch the bouquet?" (Julie, thinking) "That… I might be the next to get married?" (MHO) "Exactly! So… What are the chances of that happening?" (Julie, still thinking) "Well, I'm only sixteen, so… not for another few weeks!" [This causes some shock on the parts of everyone – except Maggie] (CW) "Whoa… Is that a good thing or a bad thing???" (Julie) "What do you mean? Kids my age marry and divorce all the time!" (CW, shocked) "I ask again…" ["Auntie Mags" is a little put off] (OKS, moving off) "I need a drink."

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