The Time Traveler's Husband - Part 9

Part 9

Yeah, in case you missed it, (ex) Agent Scott grew a little in height. And those legs are adjustable, of course. (Think Inspector Gadget.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The Wedding Reception – and someone's great-granddaughter just caught the bouquet] (Julie, looking down at ) "What the…" (OKS) "And that would be the bridal bouquet." (Julie, suddenly realizing what happened) "Shit! I wasn't expecting this!" (OKS, as CW approaches) "Just stay calm, Cassie will know who you are." (CW, who suspects something) "Um… Hi! You must be…" (Julie) "I'm Julie… Maggie's niece!" (OKS) "I'm Scotty, Julie's Grandfather!" (CW, who's got it now) "Wow, Scotty… You seem a bit taller than I imagined!" (OKS, winking) "Bionic leg implants… A little going-away present from my company after I retired!" [MHO wanders over behind CW] (Julie, nervously) "Uhh… Hey, Aunt Maggie!" (MHO, who's clueless) "This obviously can't be my…" (CW, elbowing her) "Shh! Just play along!"

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