The Time Traveler's Husband - Part 8

Part 8

I picked "I Could Love You Like That" (and they played the All 4 One version) because it mentioned Romeo & Juliet, Casanova and so on. I was trying to find some kind of love song that involved historical figures or ancient times.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The Wedding Reception] (OKS) "Remember, just say hi to Cassie and Philip… Don't talk to anyone else!" (Julie, who sees that CW & PW are on the dance floor) "Oh cool, we're just in time for their dance! [Cut to the cake – and the couple doing the traditional "cake mash"] Did they always squinch the cake in each other's faces?" (OKS, looking over CW's shoulder) "Well, only some of them did that. [Desirae looks over CW's other shoulder while Sonya looks on over PW's shoulder][OKS and Julie are by themselves] Are you ready to go yet? The departure is pretty much the same, only the rice is real and not holographic…" (Julie) "Come on, I just wanna stay for a little while longer, 'Grandpa'!" (OKS, who's not sure about things) "Not for much longer, okay? I'm feeling kinda antsy here…" (Julie, with some famous last words) "I'm staying out of everyone's way. What could go wrong?" [INCOMING! A bouquet of flowers enters, stage right – and right into Julie's open arms!] (Offscreen voice – possibly BG) "Cassie, you overthrew it!"

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