The Time Traveler's Husband - Part 7

Part 7

We ain't done yet, folks! We'll get into the reception next. But first... we get to see Agent Scott in his advanced years.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The Wedding; the VIP guests are leaving, and Emmett is leaving via time window (it's assumed a slightly younger CW has already preceded him into the future); Julie is talking to her great-grandma CW – the one from the 2060's] (Julie, pleading) "Can I please go to the reception?" (GGCW) "Julie, no… It's too dangerous!" (Julie) "But I've always wanted to see what old-fashioned receptions were like!" (Older KS, with all-white hair) "You know, I'm with her… Those big 3-D biography presentations and virtual games kinda spoiled receptions. No one really does the traditional stuff anymore." (GGCW) "But… I don't want her doing anything that could make her vanish in front of everyone!" [Think of the scene in the first BTTF] (OKS) "I've still got my neuralyzer and chronodistortion detector, so I'll go with her and pose as her grandfather. She'll be okay!" (GGCW) "Well… Okay… Julie, you need an alias as well!" (Julie) "Maggie's the Irish redhead, right? I could be her niece!" (GGCW) "That'll do… Just, please be careful!" [Julie and OKS walk down to the wedding "arch", past the current-day KS] (OKS, whispering aside) "Psst… Whatever you do, don't talk to any women in green Corvettes!"

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