Seeee How They Ruuuuun

Seeee How They Ruuuuun

Special guest appearance by Katerli, Ivy & Hazel from the webcomic Rule Of Three by Kelly Ferdinando!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1964; we see four sets of shoes on a sidewalk] (CW, off screen) "On your mark, get set... GO!!!" [CW and three other girls SCREAMING as they run past a befuddled janitor] [Katerli, Ivy & Hazel from Rule of Three; all are with Cassie outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York] (Kat) "YEAH!!!" (Ivy) "Alright!" [High-five] (Hazel) "Cass, I think we're in good shape for the task at hand!" (CW) "Good, Hazel... Cuz the Beatles are gonna start dashing out of there any minute now!"

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