We Request Your Presence At Your Convenience

We Request Your Presence At Your Convenience

Don't try looking for Cedar Lake Ranch. While the town of Mabank is real, the ranch isn't. Ditto the E-mail.

(That little anniversary blurb IS real, however. Tomorrow Kristi and I celebrate ten years together.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [A montage of wedding items, arrayed across the single panel of the strip:]

  1. A napkin with "Cassie & Philip" (though most of Philip's name is obscured) and "July 27, 2013" (the 13 is also obscured)
  2. A page from a local newspaper (presumably the Tyler Morning Telegraph) with "Wedding Announcements, Engagements, Anniversaries": [The engagement photo of PW and CW] Wells-Webber Robert & Carla Wells of Tyler are pleased to announce the upcoming marriage of their daughter, Cassie Wells, wo Philip Webber of Dallas, son of Edward & Cecilia Webber of Brownfield, Texas. The wedding will take place Saturday, July 27, 2013, at the Cedar Lake Ranch Pavilion in Mabank, Texas.
  3. Part of a wedding announcement for York-Hunt in the newspaper is obscured by Cassie & Philip's wedding invitation: Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wells request the honor of your presence for the joyous occasion of the bonding in holy matrimony of their daughter Cassandra Lorraine Wells and Philip Sidney Webber Saturday, the twenty-seventh of July Two thousand thirteen at six-thirty in the evening Cedar Lake Ranch Pavilion Mabank, Texas [No, the Ranch doesn't exist, by the way.]
  4. The RSVP Card covers the bottom of the page: R.S.V.P. cassie@tercontech.com Please let us know if you need "special arrangements" in order to attend the wedding. You know who you are.
  5. Some odd photo of a geeky webcomic artist and his wife: "Happy 10th Anniversary, Kristi! Love, Tom"

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