A Means To An End - Part 7

Part 7

Carla's church doesn't have a specified denomination... but keep in mind it is a little more stringent than your typical evangelical-type faith. And pretty much every denomination has their unofficial extremist factions of various sizes.

Anyway, I hope everyone's enjoying their Memorial Day Weekend!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Mom, without her "cap" seated on the Bed in her room at the clinic, to CW) "Cassie, dear?' (CW) "Yes, Mom?" "I just… want to apologize." (CW) "Actually, I should be the one apologizing for that outbur-" (Mom) "No, not that. This… goes much deeper. I let myself be blinded by my faith for all these years. My church encouraged us to be active in spirit, almost to the point of fanaticism. [Flashback to Mom, singing in church while holding a hymnal] And I took it to heart. I felt like I had no direction, no purpose when I joined. And they seemed to have all the answers. The church was very supportive, and I had good friends there. But I lost many other friends because of my attitude. [looking at CW] And these past few weeks, I did a lot of thinking, a lot of soul-searching. And I realize I've been too narrow-minded about God and Jesus and so on. I also realize I've hurt a lot of people I care about in the process. [starts crying as she hugs CW] I don't want to lose any more of them. I certainly don't want to lose you. Especially since you've done so much in trying to help me." (CW, hugging Mom with a smile) "It's okay… I'm not going anywhere. You're my mother. Of course I'd do everything to help you. And you'd be amazed by all that 'everything' encompasses now." (Mom, who is VERY aware she has a time-traveling daughter) "I know… It's scary."

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