A Means To An End - Part 6

Part 6

I totally admit I don't know the intricate details of all those alternative therapies and what illnesses they're best at in fighting. But I am trying to do all this with the utmost respect for the practitioners and their patients, believe me.

Also: the doctor's name is a little nod to a recurring "Choose Your Own Adventure" character. :)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The New Mexico Holistic Cancer Therapy clinic; CW is wheeling Mom into an adobe-style building] (CW, in shadow, as is Mom) "Let's meet the doctor and go through a couple of rounds of therapy before you take any more of the 'Komenator'." (Mom) "Right, I get it." (Doctor Vera Nivaldi) "Hi! I'm Vera Nivaldi. You can just call me 'Doctor Vera'." (Mom) "Carla Sue Wells. Nice to meet you!" (CW) "I'm Cassie, her daughter!" (Dr.VN, consulting a chart through reading glasses) "I've reviewed your records… What should work best for you is a special organic and vegan diet, combined with some chemo and holistic therapy. [sitting down in an armchair to discuss things with Mom; CW is in another armchair listening] This should only last a few weeks. After that, you can go back to your normal diet, but with special vitamins." (Mom) "What's this holistic stuff?" (Dr.VN) "I use a combination of some Chinese practices, naturopathy and Buddhist meditation. Would you be comfortable with that?" (Mom, who isn't exactly "comfortable") "I… guess I could give it a try." (Dr.VN, off-screen; she has apparently gotten up) "Great! I'll give you some pills to take tonight and we'll start therapy tomorrow morning!" (Mom, looking at her daughter with a sidelong glance) "I think we need to talk later…"

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