A Means To An End - Part 5

Part 5

I gotta admit Star Trek IV was one of my favorite Trek films, and the time travel premise was indeed part of the reason why. And yes, I did realize the parallels between my current storyline and the hospital scene with Bones and the dialysis patient.

Comic transcript

[Mom – who looks rather pregnant – is watching TV next to a sleeping young CW – sometime around 1987; the voices on the screen are somewhat familiar:] (Voice 1) "What's the matter with you?" (Voice 2) "Kidney Dialysis." (Voice 2, who we should recognize from the quote is DeForrest Kelly as Leonard McCoy) "Dialysis? My God, what is this, the Dark Ages? [TV screen shows "Bones" pulling a pill out of his bag and giving it to the old lady on the gurney; the VCR sleeve for "Star Trek IV" is visible next to the VCR below the TV] Here… Now you swallow that… If you have any problems, just call me!" (Mom, patting the sleeping CW on her back) "Just think… Maybe when you're an adult, they'll finally have instant cures for these bad diseases!" (McCoy, from the TV) "Come on, Chekov, wake up!" [2211; Meanwhile, back at the Galleria and its Ready Remedy booth] (Mom, who has her "Komenator" packet in hand) "Cassie… you're the real McCoy." (CW, who hasn't seen "The Voyage Home" yet) "Um… Thanks!"

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