The Politicians Are Now DJs

The Politicians Are Now DJs

A little behind-the-scenes note: In my previous comic, the punchline song was originally gonna be "Misfit", but then I thought of another musing on "Politics of Dancing", so that one became the last song mentioned.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The girls are at work now, with a little ear worm issue...] (CW) "Great, that's gonna be in my head all day now... 'The politics of dan-cing...'" (BG) "...The politics of oooh... feelin' good..." (together) "The politics of movin'... oh ho... is the message understood!" (BG) "Heh... yep..." [pause] (CW) "What exactly are the 'Politics of Dancing', anyway???" (BG) "Huh... Never thought of that, really... Is it like, Line Dancing = Republican and the Cabbage Patch = Democrat?"

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