Remind Me Yesterday

Remind Me Yesterday

I figured we were overdue for an interface upgrade on the time machine... so now it's got a touchscreen.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [MG has CW's time machine] (MG) "Alrighty, Cassie, your time machine's fixed and better than ever!" (CW) "Yay! Thank you so much, Matt!" [Close-up of the new time machine] (MG) "It's now powered by the latest 'iPod Nano'. You push the button, and then you have the option of using the clock or the keypad." [Clock is analog, with a digital readout underneath with date and time, and a BC/AD button and an AM/PM button. There's a big red "activate" button, and the traditional white "select" button on the bottom.] (CW, off-screen) "Ooh… Nice. I just hope this'll work for me in an emergency situation." (MG) "Well, here's the good part. You also have the option of holding the button down and telling it to open a window to a certain time! [Holds the machine up and speaks into it] I need a time window for one hour ago!" Opening time window for 6:36 PM today. (CW) "Oh, way cool! I've got a time-travel 'Siri' now!" (MG, with a grin) "Yep. I almost named it 'Siggi'."

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