Recycled: The Next In The Series

Recycled: The Next In The Series

It's Earth Day! And I thought I'd commemorate it by recycling an old comic of mine... again.

But THIS time, instead of going back to name-dropping a bunch of webcomics (I hope I gave Hogan a good scare there :D), I put in a bunch of dialogue tropes and put the TV Tropes people on the phone. I'm really loving that site (and all the referral traffic it gets me).

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Happy Earth Day – Again! TerCon front desk] (BG) "HAHAHAHAAA!" (CW) "What's up with you?" (BG) "I'm just reading the latest 'Diesel Sweeties' before we open... Pete is such an ASS! Yeah, but all men can be asses, right?" (CW) "Yes, and us women behave perfectly! Rodney, comment?" (RO) "Hey now, some of my best friends… and Wanda… can be complete asses!" (BG) "Well, of course! You're such a lying, backstabbing asshole!" (RO) "Hey, I'm definitely NOT an asshole!" (CW, as she winks) "Oh come on now… I've seen you cheat your co-workers, swindle our clients, and use up all the paper towels!" (RO, wandering off-screen) "Well, I hate to let the fax get in the way of a good story, but I'm hearing the fax machine…" (BG) "We still have a fax? I think it's 1985 calling and they want their technology back!" (CW) "What is this, a vacuum tube company??? I may go out for lunch today. What would you like… Pizza? Barbeque? Chicken? Barbeque Chicken Pizza?" (BG) "Oh yeah, let's do 'Domino's!' I've got a coupon and I'm not afraid to use it! [pause] Oh wait… Hahaha! The fax! Good story! I just got that! (CW, to Rodney) "Is that fax for one of us?" (RO) "Yeah… What's the 'TV Tropes Foundation' and why are they telling us to SHUT THE FUCK UP?"

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