Paradise Losers - Part 14

Part 14

Funny thing, that evolution.

Anyway, that's the end of that storyline.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Back to the future and a hotel room in Wichita Falls; PW is shaving as CW has a towel wrapped around her, fresh out of the shower] (CW, still sporting a few bug bite marks on her shoulder) "Ahh… It feels so good to be clean and clean-shaven again!" (PW) "Same here! Of course, I don't shave as much…" (ND, who is clothed but still dressed as Eve from OSAA) "Would you like me to revert to my previous appearance?" (CW, clothed in the living room of the suite) "Uh… Yeah, how about you go ahead and do that! This is cute, but I want my 'Not-Vicki' back!" (PW, holding his iPhone as ND WHRRR's back to her "actual" self in the background) "I say we order pizza, or go eat at a nice restaurant while we're here!" (CW, holding what's left of the old time machine) "And let's find a new cell phone! I've been meaning to upgrade my time machine mechanism, anyway!" (PW) "Speaking of cell phones, you got a voicemail message…" (KS, on the message) Cassie, it's Agent Scott… Can someone please explain to me why we suddenly have eighty new animal species??? (CW) "Ooopsieeee…" (PW, next to a now "reverted" ND) "I guess a little DNA goes a long way!"

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