Paradise Losers - Part 10

Part 10

Of course Cassie has a backup plan... too bad it's off by a bunch of days...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [60293241 BC; Wichita Falls, we have a problem: the time machine is MISSING!] (CW, looking off to the right, searching for the machine) "I hope a bird didn't fly away with it…" (PW, picking it up out of the mud) "Here it is! Some creature must have dragged it out of the tree! [The machine doesn't look very good] …And it looks like they didn't like the taste of it." (CW, frantically trying to get the machine to open a time window) "Come on, come ON… FUCK!!! It's NOT WORKING!!!" (PW, suddenly realizing the situation) "And we don't have any way of fixing it… We're stuck here…" (CW, pointing at him) "Actually, no… I did leave a message saying we went to this particular time, and to come get us if we never showed back up." (PW, who isn't thrilled with this information) "Oh great! Bethany, Matt, or even Agent Scott gets to look at our hairy, filthy, naked bodies…" (CW, who's a bit miffed) "That's the least of our worries right now!" (PW, who's looking at the leaves they were using as blankets) "Well, I guess we can make some loincloths our of the big- ass leaves... So how long before they show up?" (CW, thinking) "Okay… Let's see… Seven… the 20th… [embarrassed smile as she realizes the answer] "I… um… told them… five days from now."

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