Paradise Losers - Part 9

Part 9

Notice anything different? :)

Well, I wanted to do something for April Fool's Day, but I didn't want to interrupt the storyline... so since there was an April Fool Switcheroo going on amongst a few webcomics out there, I decided to keep the script but let someone else do the artwork... so it's kind of a subtle gag.

That someone else is Vas Littlecrow Vojtanowicz, artist extraordinaire and creator of the webcomics Rasputin Catamite and Rasputin Barxotka. I did a guest strip for the latter in return! Thanks, Vas!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [60293241 BC; CW and PW look a bit… different] (PW, standing) "Can we agree that we're done with this now?" (CW, as they walk back through the "garden" together) "Yeah, let's get back to good old civilizaiton!" (PW, arm around her) "Back to comfortable clothing and disease-free cooked food!" (CW in profile; you can see the bites and marks on her face) "Back to razors, medicine and fucking AIR CONDITIONING!" (PW, who is just as bad looking at the moment) "I just wanna dip my whole body into a hydrocortisone bath!" (CW, pointing off to the left) "There's the line of stones. We're back to the entry point!" (PW) "Now let's grab the time machine and return to 2013 already!" (CW, incredulous as PW looks on over her shoulder) "Ummm… What the fuck happened to the time machine???"

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