Paradise Losers - Part 8

Part 8

"Dude, we got totally lied to by our museum paintings!"

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [60293241 BC; CW and PW are laying on their "pad" of leaves] (CW, who's looking a little… raw – and it appears there's been bug bites) "It's… been a week now… I think." (PW, who isn't looking so good as he lays on his side) "I feel so mangy. And my ass is raw from all the liquid shits." (CW, crawling up onto PW) "I've got insect bites and rashes all over." (PW) "I'm sure I've got some kind of exotic infection. I hope to God my immune system can handle it. We're such the picture-perfect image of Adam and Eve, right?" (CW) "Yeah, this is the stuff the writers of 'Genesis' just skimmed over. If anything, they were definitely more rugged than we could ever be!" (PW, rolling over and shaking his fist) "All those paintings LIED to us!" (CW, looking at him) "I'd give Michelangelo a piece of my mind, but I'm sure he didn't want to piss off the Vatican!"

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