Paradise Losers - Part 4

Part 4

I do realize I'm taking a bit of an artistic license with the supposed terrain and climate of the Paleocene part of the Earth where Wichita Falls is now.

Meanwhile... Agent Scott has popped up in Cesium Comics... Check it out!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Exterior of a hotel in Wichita Falls, present day. Voiceover of CW and PW in their hotel room] (CW) "Ready?" (PW) "Ready!" (CW, who is naked, as we can see from her backside) "Here goes nothing!" (PW, who is also naked as they look into the "garden" in the time window) "No pun intended, right?" [60,293,241 BC] (CW) "It's a bit warmer than usual, but there shouldn't be any nasty surprises!" (PW) "Yep, and it's only a little warmer than we're used to!" (CW) "I'm gonna wrap the time machine in leaves and place it inside this tree." [Boy, that sounded like a good idea at the time.] (PW, down on his knees) "And I'll line up these rocks to mark our entry point, so we'll know where to go back! [PW is now standing next to CW as they're walking around] It sure does look like paradise!" (CW) "This shouldn't be much a probl– YEOWWW!" [Stars of pain shoot from CW's bare foot as she sits down] (PW) And there's our first problem… Our feet are not conditioned for this."

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