Paradise Losers - Part 3

Part 3

I knew Cassie would want to check the place out beforehand, so I didn't place the "Eden Project" too far from home.

(In case you're wondering about the numbers, the last six digits are the ages of everyone in my family.)

Comic transcript

(CW, entering as PW is seated at the kitchen table with coffee) "Okay, I've pinpointed exactly when and where to go for our little Adam-and-Eve experiment. There's a veritable garden of Eden that was around 60 million years ago near Wichita Falls." (PW) "So you scoped this out ahead of time?" [60,293,241 BC; CW is looking around the area with time machine in hand] (CW, off-screen) "Yep! There's plenty of vegetation and a little river nearby. It's right after the dinosaurs all died off, and in this period it'll be untouched by any kind of beasts that could harm us." (PW, off-screen) "Cool! I hope we're up to this!" (CW, tapping on her iPad) "Now all we need to do is book a hotel room there. We'll need the right floor to enter at the proper elevation." (PW) "The right floor?" (CW) "Remember… the continents were in different spots millions of years ago. Where Wyoming is now might've been in the middle of an ocean then." (PW) "I'm guessing you learned that the hard way, huh…"

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