The Best Laid Plans... - Part 1

Part 1

Some bad news kicks off a new storyline.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [CW is visiting Dad at home in Tyler] (Dad) "Well, hi Cass, what brings you here?" (CW, walking through the front door) "I'm gonna put together a photo collage for the reception entrance. I hope you don't mind me raiding the photo albums!" (Dad, a bit concerned as they pass the family photo on the wall) "That's fine, but, uh… when was the wedding again?" (CW) "It's July 27th, and it's gonna be at this beautiful place out between Dallas and Tyler. I was pretty lucky to get it. There was only one open spot left this year. But it's got a gorgeous gazebo, a lovely forest backdrop, a huge banquet hall for the reception… [suddenly noticing Dad's look] Dad? What's wrong?" (Dad, hand on her shoulder) "There's a good chance… that your mother… won't be in attendance."

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