Alma Matters - Part 7

Part 7

Gotta keep yo pimp hand strong, Agent Scott.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Harris County DT; both MHO and CW are sitting in what appears to be a holding area, with bars on a window.] (CW, consoling MHO with a hand on her shoulder) "Feeling any better, Mags?" (MHO, head in hands) "I… feel terrible. In more ways than one. I’m so sorry, Cassie. My temper got the best of me." (CW) "But you do understand that it all was completely accidental, right? That I had absolutely no intention of bedding Rodney?" (MHO) "I understand, Cass." (KS, removing his balding officer mask) "I hope you understand also that this can NOT happen again. I've cleared the other three's minds of your outburst, which would have caused Rodney and Patrick to question Cassie's integrity and trust – and ultimately you ended up divorcing Rodney. [pointing at MHO] Now, I'm not one to break up happy marriages, but another infraction like this will get you banished to an undisclosed time period for life. Like Cassie said, her little tryst with Rodney was completely accidental. There never was any attraction to him. So I suggest you trust her in this matter. Got it?" (MHO) "Yes, sir."

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