Alma Matters - Part 6

Part 6

Another cameo appearance... this time not by a celebrity or comic character... but Dina, an old friend from high school. (And actually, in real life, she does work for a university police department.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Houston, we have a fight in progress!] (PatW) "CASSIE! BOTH OF YOU! STOP!!!" (Bartender, coming in from RO's side as CW and MHO are catfighting in the foreground) "HEY! TAKE IT OUTSIDE!" [MHO is being "directed" into a cop car by a police lady – Officer Dina – as the remaining three look on] (RO) "shit… What do we do now?" (GS) "We know where the jail is. Let's just meet 'em there." (RO, as they're walking away from the bar) "Did Maggie say something about a time machine? You think Cassie can do some kind of time travel thing?" (PatW) "I don't know, but she has been acting kinda mysterious lately. She left me a message once about how I owed her for something. You think maybe…" [Enter a familiar "cop" from stage left] (KS, in his older policeman with sunglasses disguise) "Hey guys? You three need to take a quick sobriety test…"

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