Alma Matters - Part 5

Part 5

Somebody say catfight?

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Apparently a few beers later, with GS, RO, CW and MHO] (CW, trying to change the subject) "Well, that was quite a strange coincidnece… Who's up for pool?" (MHO, who may or may not be a bit tipsy) "Say, dear, this Cassie you slept with… What did she look like? I'm curious!" (CW) "Oh my God… Maggie, you do NOT wanna go there…" (MHO, who is becoming more and more distrustful – and ANGRY – by the second) "No, seriously! Was she white? Maybe had light brown hair?" (RO, who is a bit uncertain) "Now that I think about it, she did look a lot like the Cassie we know… but she wouldn't…" [RO doesn't get the chance to point out the obvious before FISTS FLY! WHAP – right in CW's midsection!] (MHO) "YOU FUCKING HOMEWRECKER BITCH!!!" (RO, who is shocked at this turn of events) "MAGGIESMACK! Even
Patrick can't believe this! "OH YEAH??? What if I told you she had a Time Machi- OOF!" [SMACK! Even Patrick can't believe this!] (CW – VERY LOUDLY) "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

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