Alma Matters - Part 4

Part 4

You might want to go back to the "About Last Night... 18 Years Ago..." storyline to get the full backstory on Cassie and Rodney.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Exterior shot of a bar in downtown Houston] (PatW is describing his pre-Aggie life) "…So after I graduated in 2005, I spent a couple years in the army. Most of that I served in Iraq. [GS, RO, MHO and CW are listening in on the conversation] Then I got into A&M through the 'GI Bill', and last year I got my BS in Industrial Engineering." (RO) "What a coincidence, I did some time in Iraqe too! Though as part of 'Desert Storm', mind you." (CW, to herself) "Desert Storm?" Wait a second… (GS) "May, you guys had it easy! In and out, just a matter of days!" (RO) "Wasn't any less dangerous, that's for sure! Saddam's boys were always ruthless bastards!" (CW, teeth gritted, to herself) Just don't mention what happened after you got home… pleeease… (RO) "And you know what? Once I got back I hooked up with some girl named – oddly enough – Cassie! [Head smack in background] Turned out she was an Aggie, though…" (CW, to herself, as MHO gives her a sidelong glance) Oh… fucking… SHIT....

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