Alma Matters - Part 3

Part 3

The "Shepardini" name is another one of those Opie & Anthony things, by the way. They're goofy like that sometimes.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Houston; exterior of PatW's Apartment] (PatW) "CASSHOLE!" (CW, with RO & MHO) "PAT-PRICK! Hey, these are my co-workers Rodney and Maggie Ostermayer! [inside Patrick's apartment] This is my brother Patrick, and there's his girlfriend…" (GS) "Hi! Geri Shepardini. Nice to meet you!" (RO) "Howdy ma'am!" (MHO) "Rodney told me all about the rivalry between your schools. They're like two Irish brothers, that's for sure!" (CW) "Oh yeah, Rodney's on the 'other side'!" (GS) "T-Sip, huh? Mighty brave of you to come here!" (RO) "Hey, you want bravery… One year I went and showed up at one of your bonfires, orange shirt and all! Almost got in a couple fights, but I had fun and even made a few new friends!" (PatW) "We still had a bonfire this year… They put a little stuffed tiger [for Missouri] on top of it. Wasn't the same, though." (MHO) "Such weird customs…" (CW, aside to MHO) "Still beats war, feudalism and swordfights, amirite?"

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