Alma Matters - Part 2

Part 2

The Longhorns-Aggies rivalry has been the stuff of legends in Texas, with lots of pranks, rituals and jokes between the two factions. You can read up on the history of both sides on Wikipedia's Longhorns and Aggies entries.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [RO is conversing with CW and MHO in the breakroom of TerCon about Texas-Texas A&M] (RO) "It just sucks, man! We were always at each other's throats, but it was always civil… and fun! And now greed and politics, on both sides, have torn all that shit apart!" (CW) "Well, my brother Patrick's an Aggie, so he might be in the same boat as you. And since Philip's going back to Lubbock this weekend to get his stuff, how about we go visit Patrick in Houston?" (MHO) "Sounds good to me!" (RO) "That could be fun!" (CW) "He and his girlfriend might be feeling a little sad for not having the Horns to kick around, so maybe we could all go commiserate at a bar somewhere!" (RO) "Then again, the Aggies have been doing real well in SEC Football, so there may not be much sympathy…" [Note: Texas A&M handed Alabama their lone defeat on the season] (GS, wearing her pink A&M shirt) "I feel a bit… empty. Like we threw out our favorite punching bag." (PatW) "Saw their tail off? Saw their tusks off? I just doesn't WORK anymore, dammit!"

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