Heyyyyy Sexy Pilgrim!

Heyyyyy Sexy Pilgrim!

This was another one of my gags originally thought up in 1995-96. Only back then, Matt taught the tribe how to dance - you guessed it - the Macarena.

And there wasn't really a big enough dance craze (worthy of a punchline, anyway) for me to put this out in previous years. Maybe the Dougie or the Stanky Legg... anyway, props to Psy for coming through with his surprise hit.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1622; a Thanksgiving Feast with the Pilgrims] (Pilgrim Female 1, who is holding a plate of what's left of a carved bird) "What a magnificent dinner!" (PW) "I'm stuffed, that's for sure!" (CW) "Everything was delectable!" (Pilgrim Male) "What shall we do next?" (Pilgrim Female 2) "Your friend Matthias said he had something for the natives…" (CW and PW, to themselves) Uh-oh… (MG, beside an eye-rolling BG) "Okay, ladies and gentlemen… Here's a little tribal dance!" [Cue a line of native Americans doing… Psy's "Gangnam Style"???]

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