Ding-Dongs, The Company's Dead

Ding-Dongs, The Company's Dead

Yeah, I know... that old gag.

But you Twinkie and Ding-Dong lovers sure wish you had a time machine NOW, don't you...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MG) "Wait a minute… Why do YOU need to hoard 'Twinkies'? You can go back to any point in the past if you want them!" (CW, who is holding eight boxes of the golden goodies in her hands) "Capitalism, my friend. Boxes are already going for 30-40 bucks on 'eBay'! And yes, I got these before the big 'going-out-of-business' announcement." (BG, who is inspecting one of the 15 other boxes of Twinkies on a table) "You think anyone's gonna notice the expiration dates on these boxes?" (CW, while MG munches on a Twinkie in the background) "The question is not 'Will they notice', Bethany. It's 'Will they even care'."

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