Moment Of Truth - Part 5

Part 5

Yes, that's what the previous encounter between Philip and Agent Scott was all about. Just wanted to throw y'all off track a little bit.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW is admiring her new ring) "It's so gorgeous… and it fits PERFECTLY! How did you know my ring size?" (PW) "Ohh, a little bird told me… [turns to the "birdbath" right behind him] What up, bird!" (KS) "Now YOU can quickly spot me? –Sigh- You two were made for each other. Okay, so. Later today I overhear Cassie talk to Bethany about a disastrous proposal Philip did… [emerging from the "birdbath"] How the ring was too small, and in trying to pull it off, Philip fell over and broke his laptop. Then Cassie mentioned her ring size. So I took it upon myself to go back to when Philip started ring-shopping [See strip 566], and give him the vital information!" (CW) "That would've been real horrible… But kinda funny!" (PW, eyes rolling) "Yeah, thanks for sparing me the embarrassment!" (KS) "Just think of it as my engagement present to the both of you!"

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