Five Year Discount Revisited

Five Year Discount Revisited

Notice anything familiar?

(In Troperville, this would probably be considered a "Brick Joke".)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (JA is looking at dresses at a store; to herself) Phooey… I can't decide which dress to go with, and I can't buy both. [She turns, has a surprised look, and sees CW holding a dress] Quelle Surprise! (out loud) "Cassie? [CW is somewhat surprised, and is holding a red dress... Wait a minute, have we seen that dress before?] hello! So good that you're here!" (CW, who is rather uncertain) "Ummm… Hi!" (JA) "Hey, could you help me decide on a dress? Which one would you think looks better on me?" (CW) "I'd say… the purple one!" (JA, turning to put the other dress away) "Thank you so much! Au revoir, Cassie!" (CW) "You're welcome!" (JA, to herself as she's walking out of… Turner-Fenton Clearance Center?) Hmmm… I don't think she recognized me at all! (CW – from 2007 – with her Santa hat on and a gift-wrapped present for BG under her arm – to herself as she activates her time machine in the background) I guess that's someone I meet after 2007…

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