'Bout It 'Bout It, Barf It Barf It

'Bout It 'Bout It, Barf It Barf It

This was going to be Matt's original hairstyle when I first sketched him in 1995 (the real year). And that's "P" as in Master P, of course. (You'll get the gag - no pun intended - if you search "Master P Make Em Say" in YouTube.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1995] (CW and MG are walking out of a restaurant in the French Quarter; CW) "Matt? You okay?" (MG) "Ulp...This gumbo ain't gonna stay down... HUUAGGGHHH!" [SPLUT] (Rap Guy "MP", watching MG puke into a street garbage can, wearing a "NO LIMITS RECORDS" t-shirt) "Shit!" (CW, to the guy) "I'm so sorry... You didn't get anything on you, did you?" (MP) "Nah, it's ah-ight.." (MG) "UUNNNNHH... My stomach's sore as hell..." (CW, off-screen) "C'mon, let's get back to the hotel and rest... Then we can go see Better Than Ezra..." (MG, groaning) "UUUNNHHHH..." (MP – better known as "Master P", on his phone) "whassup! It's P! Yo man, I just got a helluva great idea for a new rap record..."

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