The Last Go-Round - Part 4

Part 4

It's a trap! ...or is it?

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - ["Future" CW is talking to PW right after their little spat] (FCW) "I understand what you said about the trust issue. And I agree. Time travel blows everything out of proportion. So let's just be as faithful as we can, and try not to hurt each other. Can we agree to that?" (PW) "Agreed." (FCW) "Now. The main reason I'm here. I'm from a few days into the future. That means, right now, we're technically on the outs while I get over this." (PW) "And you're telling me this… Why?" (CW) "I'm offering you this one-time-only chance to go back in time and have sex with one famous woman of your choosing."

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